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Cottage Decorating by Room


Bedrooms Cottage decorating for your bedroom includes a number of design considerations. What do you want to see when you first wake up?  How to you want to be soothed into slumber?  Your cottage bedroom is your own private sanctuary.  Considering how much of our lives we spend asleep, investing in a bed & mattress you love is important.  Having enough storage is also important.  If you have the space, a chair or bench can be very useful for bedrooms – whether you use it as a clotheshorse or as a seat for putting on shoes!  Remember to plan for your lighting needs.  Good answers to these design questions will a good start for decorating your cottage style bedroom.

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Dining Rooms & Kitchens Cottage decorating considerations for your dining areas include a variety of questions.  Dining rooms tend to be for more formal meals, while the kitchen table is not only where you and your family break your daily fast, it usually functions as a project center, homework supporter, and is generally the most utilized surface in your home.  Whatever the style you want to achieve in your cottage kitchen, the kitchen table needs to be able to stand up to wear and tear!
Depending on how you want to use your dining room, keep in mind you and your guests will probably linger over meals in this room.  Are your chairs comfortable?  Do you have adequate seating?  Is there a cabinet to hold your china & glassware?  Can the lighting be dimmed?  This is your chance to create a true casual, comfortable cottage style dining experience.

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 Living & Family Rooms What kind of cottage decorating ideas are important for a living room?  First, how often do you use your living room?  Is it reserved for company or does it get everyday use?  If you do a lot of formal entertaining, you’ll approach the design of your living room differently than if it is the center of your family life.
Whatever style you want to employ, every living room needs comfortable seating, sufficient lighting, and tables to hold cocktails or magazines.  What’s the focal point?  Does the room invite you in?  Most importantly, do the furnishings and décor reflect the ambiance you want to create in your home?  Having answers to these design considerations will help you create a very successful cottage gathering spot

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 Halls & Entryways Often overlooked in cottage decorating projects, the foyer is usually where you welcome guests to your home.  Take a look at the foyer you have, taking into account the size and traffic pattern of the space, and ask yourself how you really want to use it.  Remember to consider its design and style should be reflective of the general mood you would like to create with your home!  The cottage decorating challenge tends to be – how do I make it both charming & useful?  Look at your hallways and staircases in the same light.

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 Porches Cottage decorating questions for your outside “room” is just like any indoor living space.  First, decide how you will use it.  Think beyond just relaxing and grilling – do you want an outdoor dining area or would you rather have a cozy conversation nook?  Do you need a gardening area?  Today’s all-weather furniture, fabrics & rugs allow you to create the porch of your dreams!  Whatever’s on your porch agenda, plan for privacy so you can truly relax and enjoy the space.  Consider the seasons – shading is essential in the rainy spring and hot summer, while a fire pit or outdoor heaters allows you to enjoy your outdoor space long into the autumn and early winter.  A comfortable screened porch is frequently the highlight of a cottage decorating project.

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 Studies & Offices Given the increasing demands on our time use your cottage decorating skills to create a comfortable work space. Is your home office for personal or business use, or a little bit of both?  What sort of atmosphere should it have?  How much storage do you need?  Any unused corner of your home can be turned into a functional communication center.  The nature of the space and the requirements of the activities you pursue in it will guide the way you set it up, but remember, its still part of your home and should reflect the look you are trying to achieve.  Be realistic – it does not matter how cute your desk & chair are if they’re not comfortable to sit and work at!  Cottage style decorating in your office will not make the paper work go away but it may make it easier to do! 

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