Farmhouse & Country Furniture

With a distinctly Americana accent, our farmhouse & country furniture collections could date back to early Colonial times or vintage early 20th Century.  Picture your family and friends gathered around the farmhouse dining table…the aroma of a stew simmering in the kitchen…the warmth of a crackling fire in the fireplace.  Reminiscent of simpler times, country furniture has an old-fashioned aura that ranges from the romantic to the rustic.  Country & farmhouse decor and accents are the finishing touch.

American Farmhouse

American Farmhouse furniture styles dates back to a much simpler time when families worked the lands surrounding them, and were more in touch with the land and animals that made their living and provided for them. Farmhouse style references those ties with the land.

The farmhouse furniture color palette tends toward more muted earth tones with splashes of bright color accents — deep blues, rich reds and sunshine yellow. All about comfort, rolled arm country style slipcovered furniture and printed fabrics combine to create an inviting interior.

A farmhouse mixes the functionality of daily tasks and work with the comforts of relaxing at the end of the day and spending time with the ones that share your home. A large functional farmhouse tables and soft, comfy slipcovered or upholstered furniture to unwind in are a must!

European Country

Imagine grassy open fields sprinkled with wild flowers and wildlife reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel.  European country furniture styles should transport you to a time farther back in history.  Stone cottages, wrought iron beds, and warm candlelight interiors give you the feeling of being in old Europe where every piece in the home was built by craftsmen or metal workers.

Each piece should feel like it has a story to tell. When furnishing in a European country style, furniture should have a distressed finished that gives it the age necessary to blend with the exterior of the home. Pieces should feel unique and purposeful.

Pops of colors should mirror the nature surrounding a country home. Think in terms of wildflowers or green foliage. Perhaps an ivy, green painted hutch is the centerpiece of your dining room matched with rustic, hand crafted chairs and a reclaimed barn wood table with natural, distressed finishes.

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