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Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths

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Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths

Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths by Spicher & Company are a great, reasonably priced alternative to traditional cottage rugs for family rooms, kitchens, baths, offices and high traffic areas.  They are very durable and have an easy to clean non-slip vinyl surface.  These floor cloths can even be used in controlled outdoor settings or in a screened in porch. Made in USA.

Most patterns are offered in 13 standard sizes ranging from 20″ x 30″ to 120″ x 120″.  Not enough?  Custom sizes are also available for most designs. Our Vintage Vinyl Floor Cloths include 900+ unique patterns in warm colors with beautiful aging inspired by old floor cloths and vintage linoleum.  Free rug samples can be ordered online to confirm the perfect color for your room.  Beautiful design, durable, non-slip surface and lays flat a great floor covering solution!

Vinyl Floor Cloth Custom Sizing

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