Casco Slipcovered Sofa

37″D x 38″H. Standard: 82”W. XL Sofa: 104”W. Townhouse: 74”W. Slipcovered. 3 seat, 2 seat or single bench seat available. 400+ fabrics including washable cottons, linens, and performance fabrics. Standard, firm, feather blend or Comfort Chic seat cushions. Sleeper units available for standard and townhouse sizes.

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37"D x 38"H. Standard: 82”W. XL Sofa: 104”W. Townhouse: 74”W. Slipcovered. 3 seat, 2 seat or single bench seat available. 400+ fabrics including washable cottons, linens, and performance fabrics. Standard, firm, feather blend or Comfort Chic seat cushions. Sleeper units available for standard and townhouse sizes.

Frame & Suspension

Frame: Constructed of 7/8" kiln-dried engineered hardwoods. All components are precision cut on computer controlled machine tools for precision and repeatability. All wood joints are interlocked, glued, and reinforced with glued and nailed corner blocks to provide long term strength and durability.

Suspension: Drop-in Coil is a pre-assembled, machine-made and machine-tied steel spring coil system which has been growing in popularity as a very durable and cost effective method to achieve the performance of a traditional eight way hand-tied system without the expense.


Standard seat cushion: The standard seat cushion is a 1.8 density high-resiliency (HR) foam core, wrapped in a soft high quality polyester fiber, and encased in a down-proof ticking cover. The standard cushions offer a 10 year resiliency warranty.

Firm seat cushion: The firm seat cushion is the same construction as the standard seat cushions but with a slightly stiffer foam core. The firm cushion is approximately 20 – 30% firmer depending on frame style and fabric. The standard cushions offer a 10 year resiliency warranty.

Feather blend seat cushion: The feather blend cushion is a 1.8 HR foam core wrapped with a blend of 50% Ultima Supreme fiber, 45% duck feathers and 5% duck down tucked in a feather barrier duvet cover. This is a premium construction which will supply a very cushy, soft feel. This type of cushion does require fluffing and turning to maintain appearances. The feather blend cushions offer a 5 year resiliency warranty.

Comfort Chic seat cushion: The Comfort Chic seat cushion is the same 1.8 HR foam core but wrapped with Trillium micro denier fiber inside a cotton ticking case. This cushion provides the same softness as a feather blend cushion but with more resilience in returning to the original shape after use. The Comfort Chic cushions offer a 5 year resiliency warranty.

1.8 lb HR (high resiliency) Foam Core – the quality and life of a seat cushion is determined by the foam core. Foam core design includes foam density (lbs of foam per cubic foot), the resiliency of the foam and the compression rating of the foam. Foam weight is an important factor in the life of a seat cushion. The more foam material per cubic foot the longer the seat cushion life. Foam core density varies from .5 lbs per cubic foot (low use, short life) to 2.5 lbs per cubic foot (high commercial use, longer life). 1.8 lb density foam falls within the category of industry-grade foam for furniture. It is sturdier and can last longer compared to its lower density counterparts. The conformity of 1.8 lb density foam and its ability to offer support is higher. HR Foam or High Resiliency foam is a special grade of foam used in furniture. Unlike standard grade foam, it has more resilience, meaning the ability to bounce back up. Finally, foams in any rating will have 6 – 10 compression ratings (weight required to compress cushion by 25%). The higher the compression rating the firmer the seat cushion. Compression ratings will vary by frame style, seat cushion size and other design factors. Compression ratings determine the feel of the seat cushion but do not affect the life of the seat cushion. Seat cushion life is determined by foam density and resiliency rating.

Trillium micro denier fiber: What is Trillium? It's a hypoallergenic, man-made alternative product to down. It's made of polyester micro denier fibers created to mimic the feel of a down plumule. It is finely processed and has a highly siliconized surface. It is a good option if you are allergic to down feathers and like comfy cushions.

Back cushions: The back cushions are channeled polyester fiber encased in a down-proof ticking cover.


Shoreline fabrics tend to be durable cotton, polyester, linen and performance fabrics which work well in a slipcovered construction. Although it is recommended to have slipcovers dry-cleaned to ensure long life, many of the fabrics have been pre-washed which allow the slipcovers to be machine washed. Slipcovers also include fit allowances to support washable slipcovers. Dry-Clean Only fabrics and slipcovers with contrast welts are not suitable for machine washing.

Fabrics are offered in different grades. Lower grades tend to be solid colors in cotton or cotton blends. Printed patterns, advanced treatment fabrics, and linen blends have higher grades. Linens, solution dyed acrylic fabrics and advanced treatment linens are the highest grades. Fabric grade is not necessarily an indication of fabric life and durability.

Washable fabrics: Cottons, cotton blends, and linens are prewashed and machine washable. All polyester fabrics, Sunbrella and other solution dyed acrylic fabrics can not be prewashed and are not machine washable. All fabrics are coded as washable or dry clean only. A fabric care code is also included in each fabric with detailed care instructions for each fabric care code.

Performance fabrics: Performance fabrics can be divided into two broad groups: solution dyed acrylic fabrics (like Sunbrella) and advanced fabric treatment processes to improve the performance of traditional fabric materials.

Solution dyed acrylic fabrics: Stain, Liquid, UV, Fade Resistant. Bleach cleanable.

Acrylic fabrics are durable, high-performance synthetic fabrics made from acrylic fibers. They have some advantages including lower specific gravity, mildew-resistant properties and an ability to manage moisture. To add color and enhance fabric performance, acrylic fibers can be solution-dyed.

When something is solution-dyed it means that the color dye is added during the liquid stage prior to being cooled, and then it is spun into yarn. In essence, the color is actually part of the actual fibers produced. Solution-dyed material is dyed through the entire thread, whereas stock-dyed material is only dyed on the outside. Solution-dyed fabrics will hold their color longer due to the entire thread being dyed.

The benefits of solution dyed fibers aren’t immediately apparent. You might not notice any difference between them and their vat dyed peers unless you look under a microscope. However, in practical use, their value becomes clear. Because the color saturates each entire fiber and thread, it’s almost impossible to fade or bleach it away. Solution dyed acrylic fabrics are some of the most colorfast in the textile industry. They’re ideal for healthcare and foodservice applications because you can clean them with harsh, germ-killing substances like diluted chlorine bleach without losing their vibrancy. They’re also ideally suited for outdoor use in both residential and commercial settings. Piece dyed fabrics such as cotton, polyester and linen start to fade almost immediately after sun or water exposure, but solution dyed fabrics stay bright and cheery through every season. In the past, solution dyed fabrics were typically not as luminous as yarn-dyed fabrics, but they’ve come a long way. Today’s solution dyed fabrics are rich and vibrant enough to rival the brightest surface colored alternatives easily.

Popular brand names: Sunbrella, Outdura, Inside Out, Fortress

Advanced Fabric Treatments: Stain and Liquid Resistant

Yarn and fabric manufacturers have been developing better fabric production and treatment processes to enhance the stain and liquid resistance performance of traditional cotton, polyester and linen fabrics. This allows upholstery and slipcover companies to offer all the benefits of traditional fabrics – color, pattern, look, feel – but with better application performance. These treatments are built into the fabric and are superior to after the fact fabric protection processes.

Popular brand names: Crypton, Defend, Breathe


Corded Welt: Traditional corded welts are standard with many styles. Choose between the same frame fabric or a contrasting fabric. Fabric welts can also be applied on the bias (45 degrees) to give striped fabrics or other select fabric welts a distinctive look.

Clean Seam: No stitching is visible at the seam.

Single Stitch: A single stitch is visible on one side of the seam. There are 6 different thread colors available.

Inverted Seam: Edges of fabric are exposed with single stitch. There are 6 different thread colors available.

Top Stitch (double stitch): Two stitches are visible on each side of the seam. There are 6 different thread colors available. Not available with solution dyed acrylic fabrics.

Sleeper Unit & Mattress

Sleeper Unit: The Sleeper Mechanism has cross wires in the seat and shoulder section to prevent hammocking and help to eliminate crowning. The body support tubes and wires work together to enhance the support in the body section to eliminate sagging. The cross tubes keep the unit square and enhance its strength. It also features Anti-Tilt, keeping the unit in contact with the floor at all times in the open position.

Mattress Sizes: Queen (60”W) = Sofa, Full (52”W) = Townhouse Sofa, Twin (36”W) = Loveseat, Cot (28”W) = Chair ½. Extra long sofas are not available with sleeper units. All sleeper mattresses are 77”L. When fully extended the distance from the back of the sofa to the end of the bed is 88”.

Standard Mattress: The standard mattress is a 5.25”H 294 VertiCoil innerspring wrapped in a Damask Ticking from Leggett & Platt. Available in Queen, Full, Twin, and Cot sizes.

Memory Flex Mattress: The 5.25”H Memory Flex Mattress has a top layer of conforming Visco Elastic memory foam and dense polyurethane foam to provide support, all topped with cushioning fiberfill. It responds to body heat to conform to your body contours for better support, allowing tense muscles to relax. The Memory Flex Mattress has a unique recovering memory foam to slowly spring back into shape and is hypoallergenic. Also available in Queen, Full, Twin, and Cot size. There is an upcharge for this mattress.

Air Dream Mattress: The Air Dream features an 11”H air bladder on top of the standard innerspring mattress for an unmatched level of comfort. Innovative technology combines spring coil support with a cushioning layer of air. Separated air chambers distribute body weight evenly for ideal ergonomic support and the ability to adjust your comfort from plush to firm. The Air dream is available in Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. There is an upcharge for this mattress.

Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture Collection

The Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture Collection offers a full range of custom slipcovered sofas, sectionals and chairs for the living room, family room, bedroom and dining room. This workshop specializes in making comfortable and durable furniture with washable slipcovers. All products can be custom designed with many different frames, configurations, seat cushions, back cushions, sleepers, seams and fabrics. Each piece of furniture is individually made to offer the maximum design flexibility. Fabric options include cotton, linen, and performance fabrics in over 400 colors and patterns. This US based workshop has been making custom slipcovered furniture for over 25 years.

Product Description

XL Sofa: 104″W x 37″D x 38″H, 2 or 3 Seat. Sofa: 82”W x 37”D x 38”H, 2 or 3 Seat. Townhouse Sofa:  74″W x 37″D x 38″H, 2 Seat. Additional configurations available.

Seat: 21″D x 21″H. Arm: 26″H. Slipcover Only. Box Back Cushion.
Sleeper Size: Sofa: Queen. Townhouse Sofa: Full.  XL Sofa: N/A.
Single bench seat cushion available in all sizes.

The Casco Slipcovered Sofa is a custom built casual, comfortable sofa with straight arms and flush seat cushions. Each piece is hand made and finished to order.  This sofa is part of the Shoreline Slipcovered Furniture Collection.  This US based workshop has been making custom slipcovered furniture for over 30 years.

This collection includes:

  • Washable slipcover fabrics
  • 400 fabrics – cottons, linens, and performance fabrics
  • Performance fabrics: stain, liquid, fade-resistant
  • 10 fabric grades: solid cottons to performance grade linens
  • Heavy duty frame with cross-tied steel spring drop-in coil
  • Seat cushions – 1.8 HR foam core. Standard, firm, feather blend, Comfort Chic 
  • Throw pillows (TP) included with all sofas and sectionals
  • 37″ frames: 2-21″ TP (one design choice), deep 41″ frames: 2-21″ TP & 2-24″ TP (two design choices)
  • Contrast welt, contrast throw pillows in any fabric, no upcharge
  • Sleeper units optional on standard and townhouse sofas
  • Replacement slipcovers available for all frames

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