Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages

These blissful blues and subtle sages create a calming and serene palette, and would work beautifully in a cottage master bedroom.  Linens are a luxurious fabric for the bedroom, as long as no one is too hung up on wrinkles!  The natural texture and weight of these fabrics lend themselves to an upscale, yet comfortable, scheme as they tend to look worn in and relaxed. Using tan and taupe fabrics for the backdrop creates a versatile foundation to build from, and blends nicely with the other earth tones.  Pair these fabrics with white painted pieces, and glass lighting fixtures, to create a romantic and soothing ambiance.

Neutral Cottage Bedroom | Color Board: Blissful Blues and Subtle Sages

Brought to you by Cottage Home– specializing in cottage furniture & farmhouse tables

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  1. I absolutely love your blissful blue and subtle sage color board. Can you please send me samples of those fabrics I am willing
    to pay for them. Thank you for you kind consideration

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