Bold Painted Furniture | Color Board: Jewel Tones

Creating a rich and luxurious look is effortless when working with jewel tones because of their natural ability to transform the mundane.  The bold and vibrant tones in the rose rug, shown above, sets the stage for a dramatic look. Choosing this colorful rug as your focal point is not meant for the faint of heart.  We paired it with a snappy teal, artichoke green, deep marine blue, and a sunny marigold.  These colors highlight the liveliness of the rose rug without drowning it with too many accent colors.

This color palette would be a beautiful choice for bold painted furniture in a family room.  The tones are rich and energetic while also creating an undeniable warmth.  Since the sofa is typically the largest piece in a living room, the marigold would be a perfect fabric color.  Choosing the color with the smallest quantity in the rug for the largest piece of furniture highlights the color palette without overwhelming the senses.  For example, if you chose the purple or red hues for the sofa fabric, that color would now dominate the palette and drown out all of the other beautiful colors.  Jewel tones are bold and daring, so use them wisely!

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