Color Board: Spices, Silks & Sea

1. Chalet Stripe Wool Woven Rug | 2. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Americana Red  | 3. Diamond Bark Sisal Woven Rug | 4. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Hickory Slate | 5. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Constantine Ruby  | 6. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Artemus Capri  | 7. Shoreline Cottage Style Fabrics: Queensland Spa   

Yearning to wander the stalls of an open-air market of an ancient seaside town? Let us conjure up images of rich silks and heady spices swirling about some refreshing aqua hues in case you can’t steal away. Vessels of rich brown nutmeg and deep red paprika brimming full alongside yards of peacock blue silks and rich gold floral damasks against bright scarlet fields…

It can be exciting to find that colors you may not have pictured together blend so seamlessly. The Chalet Stripe Wool Woven Rug embodies a mix of warm, earthy colors with some multiple cool blue tones. Fashioned from a sturdy wool and cotton blend, this rug will tie together many elements of your decor with seasonless style. It would be equally at home in a rustic study, a lodge entryway or a cottage living room. Also pictured are a variety of patterned and solid fabrics with which to accessorize, as well as a brown sisal rug that pairs well with the Chalet Stripe.

Which seaside city do you look to for decor inspiration?

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