Design Tip: Colorful Dining Room Chairs

Colorful Dining Room Chairs | Same Chair Different ColorsThe chairs that surround your dining room table are a great way to introduce color, personality, and style into your space.  It can be a little overwhelming when you begin to look for the right chair, because there are so many styles to choose from.  You will find an array of traditional Windsor chairs to contemporary X-back chairs, and so much more in between!  Take a look at one of our previous posts here to learn more about choosing a style for your dining room chairs.  

Using an assortment of painted chairs is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people who want an eclectic look versus the traditional stained “set” look.  Kitchen and dining rooms are typically full of activity, and it’s fun to be able to capture that energy through color.  We often encounter clients who want painted chairs in a variety of colors, but are wary of the look being too contrived.  Or people who want to introduce just a splash of color versus the whole rainbow.  There is never a right or a wrong answer, but the following inspirational photos and tips can help you get the look you are striving for.  

#1: Same Chair Different Colors

Colorful Dining Room Chairs
Photo: Back Porch Musings
SW#6601 Tanager   SW#6642 Rhumba Orange    SW#6417 Tupelo Tree    SW#6689 Overjoy

When deciding how many colors to use around your table, keep in mind how many chairs you are using.  For example, if you have a small set of four chairs for everyday dining, than four different colors is great, because there is only a small number of chairs.  If you have seating for 6 or 8 on an everyday basis, than stick to 3 or 4 colors.  You can do two chairs in each color – that way the overall feeling won’t be too hectic.  If you do decide to do 6 to 8 different colors, then choose colors that are the same hue to keep a cohesive look.  Another great way to unify a collection of mismatched chairs is to upholster the seats in the same fabric!

#2: Different Chairs Same Color

If you are looking for an eclectic look without introducing too many additional colors, try bringing together an assortment of chairs and having them painted the same color.  Since you are using a single color in a large dose it really makes a statement, especially when using a lively color like the one shown here.  The beauty is that you are not looking for a perfect set, so choose chairs that are comfortable to you.  As you can see in the example photo, each chair is unique, they vary in sizes and shapes, and the overall look is still cohesive because of the color!  Also, the cute black and white fabric on just a few of the chairs adds texture while breaking up the color a little bit.

Decisive Yellow SW#6902SW#6902 Decisive Yellow

Colorful Dining Room Chairs | Different Chairs, Same Color
Photo: Brit-Co

#3: Different Chairs Different Colors

 Colorful Dining Room Chairs | Different Chairs, Different Colors
Photo: Design Is Mine
This option is for people who want a really whimsical and creative dining room look.  The complementing painted chairs are vivid and appealing without being to overwhelming to the eye.  By mixing in additional steel chairs, it breaks up the textures and finishes while adding a rustic element. Keeping the walls stark white allows the colors to really shine.

SW#6914SW#6914 Eye Catching
SW#6867 Fireworks
SW#6786 Cloudless

#4: Same Side Chairs Different Head Chairs

Colorful Dining Room Chairs | Different Side and End Chairs
Photo: Home Owner Buff
SW#6760 Rivulet     SW#7001 Marshmallow

Another option to bring color and life into your dining room is to use upholstered chairs!  Parson’s chairs are beautiful, comfortable, and come in a variety of styles.  Typically parson’s chairs are larger than the average dining chair, so depending on the size of your dining room table, they may only be able to fit at the ends of the table.  Afraid of introducing fabric because of wash-ability?  No fear, there are wonderful options for slipcovered parson’s chairs with covers that can be removed for easy cleaning.  Click here to see more slipcovered parson’s chairs. The inspiration photo shown uses two oversized wing back chairs in an eye catching print, making them the main focal point.  The leather side chairs are a perfect complement to the intensity of the teal print, and also don’t interrupt the view out the windows.

Whatever the route you decide to go, don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations.  Choose colors that inspire you, make you feel happy, and reflect your personality!

First Image Source: Querido-Refugio

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  1. Wow! Really interesting choice of interior decoration. This is something that I have never seen before. The combinations you suggested are really great.

    1. Thank you! Dining room chairs are so important for both dining comfort at your table, and they are such a great way to show off your personality!!

  2. Kindly advise me on the dimensions in terms of height of the table as well as height of Chairs from the ground for a comfortable dinning set.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Nancy,

      Dining tables are typically 30″H and chair seat heights are 18″H. The back height of chairs vary – look for what is most comfortable and/or looks right with the style of table or room. Thanks!

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