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Design Tip: Keeping It Cozy
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Design Tip: 5 Ways to Keep It Cozy

When the snow is falling, the wind is whipping, and the snow plows are out, there is only one place to stay warm – inside!  Making your home cozy is essential in the long, cold winter months here in Maine. Here are our top 5 cottage style decorating essentials to keeping it warm:

 1. Bedding

  • Pillows, comforters, electric blankets!  Pile it on so that when you slip into bed, it is instant heaven.  Check out Parachute, a company that sells amazing bed sets and gives back for every dollar you spend.
  • For more tips on how to keep your bedroom warm, check out our previous post “Layering your Linens.”

Cozy Home Ideas | Design Tip: Keeping it Cozy #bedding #keepingitcozy #cottagedecor #winterblues
Image: Parachute

2. Lined Curtain Panels

  • Windows, especially in old New England homes, can be drafty. Use long, lined curtain panels to dress up the windows and help to keep the cold out!

Cozy Home Ideas | Design Tip: Keeping it Cozy #bedding #keepingitcozy #cottagedecor #winterblues
Image: Southern Living

3. Area Rugs

  • Laying area rugs in hallways, bedrooms, and the living room can help to keep the toes toasty.  In warmer months, bare wood or tile floors can be soothing, but not in the dead of winter!

Cozy Home Ideas | Design Tip: Keeping it Cozy #bedding #keepingitcozy #cottagedecor #winterblues Modern Country Style

4. Ambient Lighting

  • Light bulbs come in a variety of colors that range from white/blue to white/yellow, and each range sets it’s own mood. In winter months, when we are craving the warmth of the sun, switch out your bulbs to a yellow tint for a warmer effect.  Energy Star recommends looking for lights that range from 2700K – 3000K for the desired effect.

Cottage Style Decorating | Design Tip: Keeping it Cozy #bedding #keepingitcozy #cottagedecor #winterblues
Cool White versus Warm White Light Bulbs

5. Cable Knit Blankets

  • You can’t have enough blankets, and we absolutely love the look and feel of big cable knit blankets.  Throw them on the sofa to provide color, texture, and warmth to your home.

Cozy Home Ideas | Design Tip: Keeping it Cozy #bedding #keepingitcozy #cottagedecor #winterblues Etsy

How do you stay cozy when it’s frigid outside?

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