Key Items in a Cottage Home Living Room

Today’s cottage style is all about comfort. It allows you to be a little more eclectic in your selections, and feel free to add elements of décor that might not work in another setting. You can use your most cherished family heirlooms; flea market finds and slightly ornate pieces to create a surprisingly harmonious look. It is a forgiving décor choice that mixes old and new seamlessly allowing you to surround yourself with the items you love. Here are the key items your cottage home living room will need to pull off cottage style.

Comfy Seating

The amount of seating you require is based on how much space you have to spare. At the least, your living room will need a sofa, and ideally, have at least one accent chair or a loveseat. The cottage home living room invites people to sit and stay awhile. If you have a focal point in the room such as a TV, fireplace or even a stunning view of the garden or waterfront, consider how your seating can work around the focal point. This creates better flow while showing off your room’s best features.

In larger rooms, you can designate additional seating where people can feel free to sit and read, chat in more intimate groups or enjoy the best elements of your room. Your seating can include a sofa and loveseat, sofa with one or two accent chairs, or a sectional. Consider the room’s configuration and measurements as well as opportunities to create charming “nooks” or meditative spots where seating will work to make the room more functional and attractive.

Don’t be afraid to introduce less plush seating options such as a natural finish or painted wooden bench, wicker chair or even an antique dining chair carefully placed.

Eclectic Tables

Additionally, your cottage home living room will need an accent table or two flanking the couch. Comfortable seating becomes awkward if people have nowhere to place their cup of coffee or glass of wine. Tables should be eclectic, allowing you to have some fun or evoke a different feeling. For example, if your sofa is more formal in its fabrics you can choose to add an unexpected design element with a roughhewn, distressed coffee or end tables, while a more casual sofa can contrast with slightly more ornate table legs. Don’t be afraid to choose a mix of painted tables, natural wood finishes or even wicker to add to the less formal look of your room.

Once again, space will dictate how many tables you can accommodate. If you have an open, airier room, consider adding a little desk and chair overlooking your best view, or facing the wall for more privacy. And when space allows, a charming sofa table is perfect for placing some of your favorite accents, including lighting, to create a warm ambiance in the evening.

Unconventional Media Centers

A television and other media can really ruin the look of your cottage home living room. However, in smaller homes where you can’t designate a separate room for movies, TV or gaming, you can get creative and introduce cottage friendly furnishings to accommodate your media needs.

Some examples would include distressed or painted wood:

  • Big screen TV cabinets ideal for hiding wall-mounted media
  • Armoires to accommodate all your media
  • Antique styled cabinets with doors to cover up all the media and wires
  • Buffet style sideboards or cabinets
  • Interesting bookshelves
  • Cottage style consoles

Think beyond the modern furnishings used for media and look for unique, one of a kind pieces. Consider customizing a media center based on the wood and/or color scheme in the room to really create a diverse and whimsical look.

Masterful Storage

Media might not be the only items requiring storage. Your living room might serve multiple purposes from a kids’ playroom to your primary room for entertaining. You’ll need storage to keep things neat. This also allows you to use space as wisely as possible in smaller rooms. Some ideas for storage might include painted, distressed or beautifully finished wood pieces such as sideboards, cabinets, bookshelves and even trunks.

Consider multi-purpose pieces for storage such as benches, upholstered ottomans and coffee tables. Pretty woven or wicker baskets can keep things neat, while smaller furnishings such as drawered end tables and cabinets also work well.

Clever Computer Camouflage

Much like your media center, you might require a spot for your computer. Whether you work from home, need a place for the kids to do their homework, or just have nowhere else to place your computer, you’ll want to have clever ways to camouflage all that technology. Computer cabinets are the perfect option, as they tend to be taller than they are wide and include a pullout desk when you need to get to work.

These key items allow you to create a stunning cottage home living room that appears effortless, cozy and absolutely inviting.