Now more than ever, we truly realize how important it is to have at least a small piece of the outdoors nearby – as well as a link to the outside world. A porch is not just a way to state your style to any passers-by, but a place to hover between the safety of home and the ever-calling romance with the outdoors and neighborly life.

The porch is not just a portal to all that we call home, but also to everything we as humans seek out. So go ahead and decorate your outside “room” just like you would any indoor living space. It’s good for you!

First, is the porch completely enclosed, covered, or is it more susceptible to the elements? We offer two collections of wicker:


  • Cottage Wicker – designed for indoors and for covered screened porches
  • Porch Wicker – designed for any type of covered porch with limited exposure


Now decide how you will primarily use the porch – think beyond just relaxing and grilling. This will help you prioritize your space.


  • Do you want to incorporate a dining area?
  • Would you rather have a cozy conversation nook?
  • Do you need a staging area for gardening?


The pictured porch is pretty impervious to weather, so the pieces in it hail from our Cottage Wicker Furniture Collection. Featured are some key pieces for relaxing as well as entertaining, such as the Cottage Wicker Hexagonal Table and the St. Augustine Wicker Rocker. Several wicker colors are available. P.S. The little cutie peeking in at the lower right-hand corner of the photo is the Cape Hatteras Fish/Whale Bed.


Our Porch Wicker Furniture Collection is a versatile option for indoors, screened-in areas and covered porches – all pieces are made of durable rattan. If you’ve always wanted a small dining area on your porch, the space saving Bistro Wicker Diamond Dining Table Base is a great idea.

Bistro Wicker Diamond Dining Table Base


Whatever is on your porch agenda, remember to plan for privacy so you can truly relax and enjoy the space.  Consider the seasons – shading is essential in the rainy spring and hot summer, while an adjacent fire pit or outdoor heaters allows you to enjoy your outdoor space long into the autumn and early winter.


Cape Charles Porch Wicker Collection

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