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Pros and Cons of Stylish Home Trends

All avid decorating fans love to flip through the newest design magazines and consult collaborative idea websites, like Pinterest & Houzz, to absorb as many ideas as possible.  We all see those stunning homes that make for beautiful photos, but are they as practical as we would hope?  Here is a list of stylish home trends that we adore and the pros and cons of living with them.  Do they work for you?

The Kitchen:

Color-blocked open shelving is clean, understated, and down-right gorgeous.  But how practical is it to display your everyday dishes?

Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens  Image: Pinterest Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens IIImage: House of Turquoise  Home Trends | Open Display Shelving in Kitchens III  Image: Centsational Girl


  • Creates visual interest
  • Easy access to dishware
  • Open and airy design concept


  • Not as easily managed as behind the door storage
  • Constant consideration for where things belong
  • Creates a higher level of maintenance for cleaning

The Living Room:

Animal hide rugs are a great choice for an elegant look, but how practical are they for a high traffic area such as the living room?

Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide RugImage: Fleaing Foxes Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide Rug IIImage: Iced Coffee&Peonies Home Trends | Living Room with Animal Hide Rug IIIImage: Pinterest


  • A stylish and luxurious look
  • Versatile, as they can be paired with any style
  • Creates a warm and cozy atmosphere
  • Adds an asymmetrical element with the skewed shape


  • Typically there is no backing which makes for a trip/slip hazard
  • Mixed reviews on cleaning instructions. Some websites have a long list of care considerations, where others claim their product is low maintenance. Ensure the care instructions will be feasible to maintain prior to making a purchase.

Lucite has been around since the early 1930’s, and hit an all-time high in furniture design in the 1980’s.  It is a resin based material, which today, is available in many forms and colors.  Despite its popularity, does this material work for your coffee table for day-to-day life?

Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite TableImage: DecorPad Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite Table IIImage: Vinteriors

Home Trends | Living Room with Lucite Table IIIImage: Matters of Style


  • Limitless design for all types of spaces, and furniture arrangements, because of the “floating” visual affect
  • Introduces a new material into the space other than wood stained and painted tables
  • Blends into the space allowing for emphasis on other pieces in the room


  • Lucite is an easy to scratch material, and because of the clear finish, those scratches become very apparent
  • Collects and shows dust quickly
  • They do not typically offer any storage

The Bathroom:

Open-concept shelving in the bathroom has a similar list of considerations as the kitchen.  However, in the bathroom, a whole different array of products are on display.  Does this look make an organized statement or create a high maintenance space?

Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display ShelvingImage: Casa Decorada Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display Shelving IIImage: Watermelon Fizz Home Trends | Bathroom with Open Display Shelving IIIImage: Houzz


  • Offers visual interest with baskets, crates, jars and other interesting containers
  • Creates a spa-like atmosphere
  • Easy access to towels, washcloths, and linens


  • Delicate balance between what should/should not be on display
  • Folding & organization quickly becomes an integral design necessity to maintain a spotless appearance

Since spring is upon us, now is a great time to begin brainstorming ways to freshen up your home!  These trends are all unique and easy ways to liven up and re-organize the most frequently used spaces in the home. Looking at all sides of the pretty and practical elements of these trends helps to identify if they are a good fit for you and your family.     

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