5 Examples of Standout Features in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen


A farmhouse kitchen is the ultimate area to relax and eat meals in the home. It’s an open-concept space in which families can get together and celebrate. But what elements are found in farmhouse kitchens? And how can you create the ideal farmhouse kitchen in your home? In this latest post, we’re highlighting five examples of features you’ll find in the classic farmhouse kitchen.

What to Consider When Shopping for Farmhouse Kitchen Products

Before reviewing the latest items matching the farmhouse kitchen aesthetic, you must keep some considerations in mind. Below are several key questions to help you when making the decision.

Does the Product Match the Colors of My Kitchen?

When adding new products to your kitchen, take the time to review the exact colors of each item, and ensure the colors match the distinct style of your kitchen. You can speak with the sales team directly to learn more about the color-matching process. This can be important to unifying the current look of the kitchen and achieving your design goals.

Can the Item Be Easily Integrated?

When most people are shopping for new feature items in their kitchen, they aren’t considering the process of integrating the new item. A new sink might be the ideal choice for improving the kitchen’s design. But how much work is involved in getting the sink into the kitchen and installing it?

Will the New Feature Offer Lasting Value?

While farmhouse kitchen styles tend to remain similar over many years, you may find that some new additions are simply a recent trend. Take the time to speak with the experts and find out about the lasting value a new addition can bring to life in your farmhouse.

Here are five distinct farmhouse kitchen design elements you might want to add to your home.

1. Exposed Shelving and Cabinetry

The typical farmhouse kitchen will feature exposed shelving cabinetry, which makes the room feel more open and welcoming. Make sure that exposed shelving is near to natural light sources so that you can expand upon the feeling of openness. Exposed shelving and cabinetry take up less visual space, so they make the room seem larger and the ceilings appear higher and the walls further apart.

2. The Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink harkens back to a time when the kitchen was the hub of all activity within the home. They offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The traditional farmhouse sink is noted for its depth and width, as well as its apron, which juts out slightly from the countertop. In the farmhouse kitchen layout, the sink typically contrasts in color from the rest of the countertop.

3. Free-Standing Cabinets

As well as being exposed to the light, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are typically freestanding. That’s because space was limited back when the farmhouses were traditionally built, and so homeowners added freestanding features for additional storage. A freestanding cabinet is usually placed against a wall and out of the way to enhance traffic flow in the kitchen.

4. Hardwood Flooring

One of the standout features in many farmhouse kitchens is hardwood flooring. It will look impeccable whether you go for a distressed style or a more natural look. One of the key benefits of using hardwood flooring is that it’s easy to clean. And even wear and tear on the floor will add to the vintage appeal of the space. Many homeowners are now substituting natural wood with ceramic or vinyl for the same aesthetic without the associated maintenance or cost.

5. Traditional Lighting

Traditional farmhouse lighting can become the centerpiece of the room. Simple lighting additions such as Edison bulbs can help that classic style resonate. These features often look better when hanging down into the room. Using a drop-down fixture above your farm table will provide the perfect lighting conditions to prep and eat meals.

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