Rooms to Love: Classic Country Porch #farmhousep#countrydecor #frontporch


Spring is an indisputably magic time of year, with its longer, warmer days, budding leaves and flowers, as well as cute baby animals and singing birds. But our favorite part of spring at Cottage Home Furniture is reclaiming a long-lost part of the home – your porch. What’s better than relaxing in a classic rocking chair and drinking in the fresh green landscape from your cottage porch after a winter of watching Netflix under a comforter? A well-appointed porch can serve as living room, office, den and even dining room in the warmer weather.

This classic country porch has all the architectural elements to inspire neighbor envy: a handsome brick floor, leafy arbor-like garlands, stately French doors and slender columns with graceful spandrels. Charming pieces of porch furniture, such as inviting white wooden rockers, a reclaimed barnwood table and a painted hutch and cupboard, give this porch character but also maximize comfort and utility. All of these porch furniture choices allow your porch to be your home away from home… at home.

Visit our website for all your porch furniture needs. We also offer farmhouse tables made of naturally decay- and insect-resistant cypress in case you have a patio off the porch that needs decking out, too.

Photo credit: Country Living

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