Get the Look: Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom

Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom #ironbeds #farmhousestyle #farmhousebedroom #farmhousebench


       1. Niels ivory Woven Wool/Viscose Rug (disc.)  |  2. Francesca Iron Bed  |  3. Country Farm Harvest Bench  | 4.  Sierra End Table,  |  5. Comtesse Teardrop Chandelier (disc.)

With country decor ideas from Cottage Home Furniture, you can evoke the the easy charm of a freshly broom-swept farmhouse bedroom with a sturdy iron bed, breezy white curtains and rustic touches. Add an antique flair to any farmhouse bedroom with one of our vintage iron beds. Available in five sizes and 35 finishes, each of our iron beds offers durability and styles ranging from traditional to fanciful. With a rounded, airy frame, the Francesca Iron Bed embodies the delicacy of a bygone era and is one of our most popular farmhouse beds. Another must-have piece for the country farmhouse look is the Country Farm Harvest Bench, offering extra seating as well as an accent piece full of character for the foot of your farmhouse bed. This bench, along with many of our other cottage benches, are customizable by length, seat thickness, wood type and color or stain.

Bedroom accessories, such as cottage lighting, can also bring a special something to your farmhouse bedroom. The Comtesse Teardrop Chandelier harks back to a time when lighting fixtures were heirlooms that graced a home for generations. Explore other farmhouse lighting options here. Neutral toned farmhouse rugs can create a apt backdrop for showcasing your vintage iron bed and also make a bedroom seem more spacious.

Photo credit: The Spruce

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