Rooms To Love: Pretty In Pink #decoratingwithpink #slipcoveredsofas #reclaimedwoodtables #cottagestyle

Pink Living Room | Rooms To Love: Pretty In Pink #decoratingwithpink #slipcoveredsofas #reclaimedwoodtables #cottagestyle
Image: athomeinlove

This cottage style living room has us thinking pink!  Layers of soft pink, grey, and lavender spread across this living room for a serene and tranquil mood.  The eclectic collection of furniture, plants, and accessories gives this space a lot of personality, while still maintaining a focused design style.  The most eye catching part of this room is the awesome partially painted pink wall!  The height of the pink portion naturally draws your eyes up to bring attention to the tall ceiling height.

Does this make you think differently about pink?

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